Leifo Chair

Master_craft series ; Leifo charred wood chair

Cape Town holds many interesting and highly skilled people, many of whom are talented persons but have no market for their craft or they are simply unable to “work “in the traditional sense. Those who are able to, do and do well. This is exactly what Artist, Atang Tshikare and designer Eve Collett where thinking when they used fire charred wood and dry grass to create truly unique chair.


A broad circular backrest is completely hand woven and made with techniques and materials from areas in Lesotho and Mozambique it was Tshikare’s Grandmothers teachings that enabled him to create this master piece in an effort to decolonise the antique chair and create something that can be truly South African in nature.









“I have just had a group show in Amsterdam where I showed more works using woven grass, and I will be exploring working with native artisans and designers to create my works more often.” said Tshikare.

“We were inspired by the Dutch designer Maarten Baas and the way he chargrills his antique furniture,” explained Collette. “I like using the charred technique as it creates a new form out of a classical shape – slightly distorted and imperfect.”


A part of the 100% designed in Africa initiative, Tshikare and Collett have taken inspiration from the Basotho people “The inspiration behind the design evolved from long winter evenings spent telling stories around a flickering, warming fire – hence the burnt black finish on the carved wooden arms and legs,” Tshikare said

Midnight blue fabric in a pin-cushion styled base combined with brass beading to represent the embers of said fire. The word Leifo is translated from fireplace in Sesotho, A fairly appropriate name for a truly unique piece of furniture.


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