Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics requires consideration for maintaining good ergonomics in the office.

An example of Office Ergonomics is to have a better view of the monitor and see the images clearly if you take good care in selecting the right level of illumination and place it appropriately. Normally, brighter lighting or sources that cause glare on your monitor lead to eyestrain or headaches, which may force you to work in awkward postures to have a better view of the screen.

The comfort of the user and hence his productivity is related to the ventilation and moisture levels in the office.

Office Ergonomics Environment Quick Tips

You should design your office in such a way that the glare from overhead lights, desk lamps, and windows is reduced to a maximum.

Your office room should be designed in such a way as to maintain appropriate air circulation.

Do not sit directly under air conditioning vents that push air right on top of you.